Published Works

Published work and ephemera.


“The Legend of Johnny C” in Flash in a Flash

“Sightless” in Penumbric Speculative Fiction Magazine

“I Grow” in Manawaker Studio Flash Fiction Podcast

“An Itemized List of Charitable Contributions” in Wyldblood Magazine

“An Ocean of Souls” in Short Horror Stories

“Through Bonded Flesh” in Martian Magazine

“Blindly Carving” in NOM NOM Anthology

“Shopping List” in NOM NOM Anthology

“Cremator Innocence” in NOM NOM Anthology

“Pine Taste” in NOM NOM Anthology

“The Devil’s in the Details” in Sci-Fi Lampoon

“To the Water Goes My Pain” in The Dire Dark Anthology

“Memory and Steel” in The Mods Anthology

“A Hero Through the Gate” in Stupefying Stories

“You Can Let Me In” in Planetside Anthology

“For Our First Date, I Dressed in Red” in Short Horror Stories

“For Fear of the Long Night” in Wyrms Anthology

“Last Comfort on a Plagued Ship” in Planetside Anthology

“I Grow” (reprint) in Maelstroms Anthology

“Sounds for Crustaceans” (reprint) in Arthropoda


“I Grow” in Hexagon Magazine

“Fancy and Fish Hearts” in The Centropic Oracle

“Alien Taxidermy and Love Have Four Things in Common” in Flash Point SF

“Reflection” in

“Sounds for Crustaceans” in Fantasy Magazine


“First Breath” in


“Hard Memory” in Crash Code


“The Psychic Fish Hates You” in Grievous Angel

“All Miracles Fifty Percent Off” in Daily Science Fiction


“Hope for Enthos” in Fireside Magazine